Jean-Michel Cousteau's
Ambassadors of the Environment

About Jean-Michel Cousteau and the
Ambassadors of the Environment

We want people to fall in love with nature because people protect what they love.

The Ambassadors of the Environment was developed by Jean-Michel Cousteau and the team at OCEAN FUTURES SOCIETY to inspire young people to take stewardship of our planet. Ambassadors discover lessons from nature and culture and find alternatives for a sustainable future.

With 8 Ambassador programs worldwide (Fiji, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hawaii, California, and Florida) and more under development, we are a growing network of teachers, students, field naturalists and outdoor educators dedicated to environmental education and eco-based tourism.


Film-maker, ocean explorer and environmentalist, Jean-Michel Cousteau was first “thrown overboard” by his father at the age of seven with newly invented SCUBA gear on his back. Son of world-renowned Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel has investigated the world’s oceans aboard Calypso and Alcyone for much of his life. Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work.

“I want to share my excitement with you following my visit to our Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassador of the Environment program in Gulf Shores, Alabama, created in partnership with The Gulf Coast Center for Ecotourism & Sustainability.”

Environmental Education on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Ambassadors of the Environment at Gulf Coast is a multi-day educational experience developed in partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society and the Gulf Coast Center for Ecotourism & Sustainability.

While visiting the Ambassadors program, students are guided through a series of experiential learning adventures, each aimed to bring about a deeper understanding and connection to the environment. Aligned with STEM, STEAM and many state and national science standards, the curriculum encourages critical-thinking, group-processing and project-based learning.